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The Affirmed Mission

Mission Statement

At Affirmed Housing our mission is to create and maintain exceptional environments for the communities we serve and our residents.

Vision Statement
Utilizing innovative designs which address community, civic, transportation and environmental concerns, we implement a teamwork approach in our developments to create award winning communities that provide, safe, clean quality affordable housing for families, veterans, seniors, and the formerly homeless.

In achieving our Vision, Affirmed Housing promotes three pillars:
Performance, People, and Planet.


  • Collaborate with civic leaders, public and private-sector financial partners.

  • Improve and sustain the viability of California communities through the development of well-designed and professionally managed housing.

  • Improve distressed communities and strengthen healthy ones.

  • Create profitable financial structures that benefit Affirmed and our partners.
  • Utilize infill land, sustainable building methods, and renewable energy to alleviate environmental burdens and expense to our residents.

  • Build better communities through promotion of neighborhood revitalization and incorporating mass transit strategies to keep our communities walk able.
  • Lead the industry in sustainable and efficient housing.

  • Conserve natural resources, reduce potable water use, utilize photovoltaic, and utilize renewable materials to improve outdoor air quality and human health.

  • Embrace efficient building design and management.

  • Always reduce, reuse, and recycle to minimize landfill waste.

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