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Making fundamental nutrition education, everyday culinary skills and public resources accessible for residents of low-income housing communities

What we do:

Deliver fundamental nutrition education Provide access to public resources that promote healthy eating Teach basic culinary skills

Our program goals:
Promote access to healthy foods including fresh fruits and vegetables Increase participation in the CalFresh program Decrease the likelihood of obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases in the low-income population

What our program consists of:
4 two-hour classes held onsite at the community. Classes are hands-on using recipes from SNAP website (SNAP is the Federal Government’s parent program of CalFresh). Participants get to eat what they make in class. Participants learn to navigate the SNAP website and build their own cookbooks. A review of the CalFresh program and eligibility materials.

Hand-outs include:
Recipe Book – Nutritional Information – CalFresh Program Materials


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